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Responsive Design

With Sitefinity you can deliver a consistent web browsing experience across all devices and platforms with minimal effort. By employing cutting-edge responsive design techniques, Sitefinity allows you to use the same page template and automatically adapts it to the screen size of the device. You are able to manage both traditional web and mobile experiences within the same environment, ensuring that your website is attractive and easy to read regardless of the device.

Sitefinity mobile experience

Engaging Mobile Experiences

The centralized management of page layout elements allows you to pre-define rules for the way your content is displayed on screens with different resolutions. The content then adjusts automatically to the screen size without the need to support multiple templates or markup for different devices.

Alternatively, Sitefinity also allows you to redirect your site visitors to a dedicated mobile page with customized design and content if you wish to target specific mobile devices or tablets.

Sitefinity mobile device

Device Independency

Create and publish content without worrying how it would display on various devices. Forget about different page versions and URLS for each device and the nightmare to edit them all every time you make a small change. With Sitefinity Mobile Web you will only have one adaptive website that adjusts to any device to deliver a consistent experience wherever your visitors are. You can:

  • Create and update content without having to reflect the changes on multiple places;
  • Have only one URL address per page accessible for all devices – no mobile subdomains will be necessary;
  • Easily manage web properties without any additional server logic;
  • Provide accessible content for smaller/bigger screens without the need to detect devices or redirect the user.
Preview before publishing

Preview Before Publishing

Before publishing, you can preview the website content on different devices and resolutions in order to ensure that all elements are displayed properly, and layout and design are preserved. The page preview option includes emulators of Android and Apple iOS devices