Spreadit social media marketing

Spread Social Marketing Tool

Spreadit can explode your brand profile and sentiment by conducting sweepstakes though multiple social networks. Customers win prizes in real time for their network of friends to see.

Read more about Spreadit here.

Sitefinity manage your facebook page

Manage Facebook Pages

Sitefinity helps you create and manage Facebook pages that drive engagement and invite visitors to become your fans:

  • Manage the content and layout of existing pages, and track conversions directly from the Sitefinity interface;
  • Create new pages using the Facebook template available on the Sitefinity Marketplace.
Sitefinity direct to Twitter

Publish Direct to Twitter

Sitefinity enables you to optimize the Twitter publishing process through:

  • Twitter connector: allows you to set a one-click property which publishes your content in real time through different Twitter accounts;
  • Twitter widgets (profile, search, favorites and list) helping you organize and display selected tweets on your web pages;
  • URL shortening service for posting your tweets much more quickly.
Sitefinity social sharing

Social Sharing Buttons

Sitefinity enables you to display social sharing buttons that allow users to easily share Sitefinity content to popular social networks (Facebook, Google +1, Twitter, etc.)

Sitefinity content mashup

Content Mashup

Sitefinity’s publishing system allows you to automate the publishing process, and expose content through different channels. Through the UI you can:

  • Draft, schedule and publish content;
  • Aggregate and mash up content from various sources.
Sitefinity forums


The integrated Forums module allows you to develop and manage your active online community directly on your website:

  • Organize forums and threads;
  • Manage members and moderators;
  • Perform advanced posts search;
  • Manage permissions, file attachments, email notifications and feed subscriptions.
Sitefinity Blog

Community & Blogs

Keep your website visitors informed and engage with your community. Sitefinity’s out-of-the-box Blogs and RSS feeds support your community building efforts.

Sitefinity Content Syndication

Content Syndication

Enhanced RSS and Atom Syndication for Blogs guarantee that your latest messages immediately reach your audience. You can define the number of items and the level of detail (title, part or full content) included in the feeds.

Sitefinity Events


The Sitefinity built-in events module allows you to promote your planned events and increase your prospects’ engagement:

  • Schedule and announce events through your website;
  • Receive comments and feedback from the community.