Sitefinity eCommerce

Customised Online Store

Create an online store quickly by simply dragging and dropping widgets and setting properties. The product catalog helps you categorize your products in logical groups by departments, tags, product types or any other logical separation you may have.

With the product catalogue you can:

  • Create custom product types with special descriptions, options, images, etc.
  • Customize product display by departments;
  • Search for products in the backend based on product title or SKU.
Sitefinity ECommerce analytics

Conversions & Sales Results

Track the behavior and buying paths of your clients to improve their experience and increase conversions. Through the integrated Analytics you can:

  • Analyze every step of your prospect’s way towards the purchase and see if or where they get lost;
  • Drag the Google widget on the purchase confirmation page and measure the conversion rate of websites that refer customers who actually a purchase.
Sitefinity product variants

Product Variations

Storeowners have the flexibility to define product variations and assign values to them, thus giving customers more freedom of choice and simplifying the purchasing process. Merchants can:

  • Create product variations for size, style, color, and other variables;
  • Create and assign values to them, including options, additional costs and SKUs.
Sitefinity downloadable products

Downloadable Products

Sitefinity supports downloadable goods and digital products, thus offering merchants complete flexibility in designing their online store and product portfolio.

Sitefinity ECommerce Marketing

Marketing Promotions & Tools

The built-in coupon manager allows you to set promotional campaigns that increase sales revenue and drive your business. You can:

  • Apply a discount or dollar off on the shopping cart subtotal;
  • Schedule campaign start and expiration;
  • Apply coupons as nominal value or percent of the order.
Sitefinity Payment Gateways

Multiple Payment Options

Sitefinity CMS ecommerce integrates multiple payment services provider options for merchants, and payment options for clients. In addition, the payment provider model allows for merchants to implement other payment processors that have a transparent API. You can choose among:

  • Payment providers: DPS Payment Express, ANZ EGate, PayPal PayFlowPro, Authorize.Net AIM, and SagePay Direct, many more Australian and New Zealand gateways;
  • Payment options: credit card, purchase orders, net 30, as well as other custom payment options.
Sitefinity Departments Manager

Departments Manager

Use widgets to display departments in a traditional store menu or a left navigational list with multiple listing options.

  • Hierarchical or flat listings;
  • Layered/ Faceted navigation for filtering of products in categories or departments.
Sitefinity Multiple Languages

Multiple Languages

Manage international online stores through:

  • Multilingual product titles, descriptions and URLs;
  • Create localized pages for the product listing, product detail, shopping cart, and checkout.
Sitefinity flexible design

Design That Matches Your Brand

Through Sitefinity templates you can style your online store to match your website theme and brand it accordingly. You can easily:

  • Define how you want the product information displayed;
  • List product details in the left sidebar using the Product Detail Template;
  • Implement Buy Now buttons through the Buy Now widget.
Sitefinity custom order processing

Custom Order Processing

Sitefinity ecommerce is infinitely extendable and powerful. There are two events triggered respectively after a response is received from the payment processor and after an order is placed.

A developer could import the order into a CRM after the order is placed or deduct real-time inventory from an Inventory system after the approved response message comes back from the payment processor. The possibilities are endless and will allow each online store a way to communicate with Sitefinity ecommerce and their favorite ERP or CRM.